"Throughout my life, I've had the privilege to play competitive sports and opportunity to focus on my fitness. I've tried previous dieting regimes before, and was never able to sustain or stay committed to them. I've always considered my nutrition habits to be fairly healthy, I was able to make slow gains in my numbers and level of fitness. As I continued my fitness journey, I began speaking with Coach Ashley about nutrition habits and lifestyle. I started the Based on Balance program back in June. In focusing on hitting my macros and refining what I was putting into my body for fuel, I've noticed a huge difference in just 4 months. I've noticed a huge increase in my fitness level; hitting new PRs in every lift/WOD, an increased ability to recover after workouts, and a huge change in my body composition. The program is not a diet, it's a lifestyle, and with guidance from Coach Ashley, I have been able to continually develop strong habits that have enormously positive outcomes on my fitness and life! I would highly recommend Coach Ashley's program to anyone!"


"I’ve had the opportunity over the years to play multiple sports at the National and even international level. The difference between athletes at a high level is very small. The smallest improvement makes a huge difference. For me, this small difference meant I needed to dial in my nutrition.

My goal is to make it to the CrossFit Games. Every athlete who makes it there has their nutrition on point. I felt I ate pretty healthy overall but it wasn’t until I worked with Ashley and calculated my macro’s that I saw the biggest change in my training. I was sliming down while maintaining and even improving my strength. I was also recovering faster between workouts and I had more energy throughout the day. When I started working with Ashley, I realized how much nutrition plays a big role in an athletes life. I am very happy I decided to take my nutrition to the next level this year. This is the best I’ve ever felt." 

- Carolyne Prevost (3rd in the 2018 Crossfit Open, 6th place at the East Regional 2018)

"I came to Based On Balance Nutrition (Ashley) with the main goal of losing weight. Typically I was turning to ridiculous diets such as Flat Tummy Teas and The Egg Diet to try and drop weight as quickly as possible. Well let me tell you, I was wrong and I was wrong on several different levels. Ashley was kind enough to be patient with me, educating and reminding me that trusting in "the process", that everything will come together and my goals will be met. I have met some of my goals (I'm only about a month+ in) but what has kept me going is knowing that I get individualized support (via email as well as private Facebook group..... The girl also posts the most delicious recipes!), communication and most importantly I feel educated about what I am doing and why I am doing it.  Based On Balance Nutrition is simply the easiest decision I've made when looking for a smart well rounded program."

- Amber

"Ashley, and the Based on Balance Program, has helped me realize and begin to obtain my fitness goals.  I don’t feel restricted and the balanced approach of the program is easy to follow and manage even with a busy schedule.  My energy and strength levels continue to increase, I feel better than ever, and I’m motivated to see my continued improvements.   I’m grateful for the excellent coaching and I would highly recommend the program to anyone." 

- Richard