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Coach Ashley



  • Precision Nutrition level 1 Coach
  • Crossfit level 2 Coach
  • 25 years of experience competitive swimming (athlete & coach)
  • 4 years of Crossfit (2 years as a coach)
  • 5 year Ride to Conquer Cancer Rider

My life as an athlete began at age 5. After sitting on the deck watching my sister swim week after week,  I finally had the opportunity to get in the water and race. I spent 16 years of my life, 20 hours a week, water logged.Fortunately, I had a relatively successful swim career, medaling at Provincials, qualifying for Jr Nationals, competing for Canada at an international meet in Italy, and enjoying many trips across Canada and the US.I finished my swimming career at Laurentian University, after battling injuries became overwhelming, and my social life took over.I learned at a very young age that in order to be successful, you had to be dedicated, committed and have the drive to be the best you can!
When my swimming career ended, I struggled for 7 years to figure out who I was since I was no longer an ‘Athlete’. Finally, I found Crossfit. I was introduced to Crossfit by my good friend Lindsay, as well as my sister Angela (The same "big sister" who inspired me to swim in the beginning). I did my first fundamental training at Crossbones Crossfit and I was hooked. After two years of  training at Crossbones, I then moved over to Crossfit Colosseum, where my LOVE for Crossfit grew tenfold. I began coaching in 2016 and I knew something bigger was just around the corner for me. I absolutely love coaching. Watching athletes move outside of their comfort zones and push themselves beyond what they ever thought possible is what completely lights me up!
Since I started coaching Crossfit, I knew that coaching was something I wanted to explore more deeply.  Watching one of my friends, Christie, go through an amazing physical transformation post baby inspired me to learn more about Precision Nutrition. I signed up for the course right away, spending every minute I could reading and studying. (Those who really know me know how much I struggled with school growing up. For me to find a course that I was that interested in was amazing.) I set a goal for myself to finish the course in four months and finished in three.  After finishing, I started working with gym members right away.

I am excited to bring on more clients, it does not matter what athletic background you have (if any!)  All nutrition programs and packages are personally designed!